At The Round Table, we offer a selection of fine tapas to keep your hunger sated. Inspired by some of our favourite games, films, and stories, we’ve put together a menu full of heavily themed feasts that will perfectly compliment your gaming experience.

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*Add chicken or prosciutto on any app for $2.95*

Baratheon’s Bruschetta

Blend of Tomato, Onion and parmesan cheese drizzled with a balsamic glaze


Ward of Ravenloft

Unearthly visions of a supple garlic and cheese loaf


Lembas Bread

House forged native Canadian bannock served with a side of roasted beet hummus and fresh fruit


Infamous Antojitos

Savoury slices of hot cheese filled tortillas with a side of sour cream



Traditional Caesar salad tossed with garlic croutons, bits of prosciutto and parmesan


Evolving Wilds

Tossed Mediterranean salad with, cucumber, cherry tomato, feta, black olives dressed with a creamy balsamic vinaigrette


Sam Gamgee’s  Po-ta-to Leek Soup

Boil-em, Mash-em, stick them in a soup with bacon, leek and topped with sour cream, cheddar and scallions


Level 1 Nachos

Fill out your nacho’s character sheet for a fun way to personalize or randomize your nacho experience

From $11.95

Personal Naan Pizza


A humble cheese pizza



A cowabunga of bbq sauce, chicken, roasted pepper and red onion



Sophisticated bruschetta, mozzarella and parmesan pizza



A strong mix of prosciutto, steak and cheese


Wrap it up

*All wraps come with a selection of a side soup, mixed greens or caesar salad*

Sherwoods Finest

A rich blend of roasted eggplant, pepper and onion with roasted beet hummus and black olives


Add feta $.95

It’ a WRAP!!!

A flavor ambush of ranch dressed greens, buffalo dressed chicken, sliced red onion, tomato and cheddar


BB-8’s Beef 

A hearty mix of steak, onion, roast mushroom and mozzarella with dijonaise


Conan’s Club

Smashing blend of chicken, tomato, prosciutto, cheddar and sweet & spicy caesar dressed romaine


Historic Heroes

Upgrade to a gluten free bun for $1.45

*All Sandwiches come with a selection of a side soup, mixed greens or caesar salad*


Flavorful Philly cheese steak with dijonaise, roasted pepper & onion mix and  topped with mozzarella



An absolute ideal mix of roasted eggplant, mushroom, fresh  red onion and mozzarella, on brioche



A noble blend of bbq sauce steak, fresh red onion, jalapeno, cheddar, crushed kettle chips on brioche



A union of chicken, prosciutto, roasted mushroom, pepper, onion, mozzarella, dijon mustard on brioche


Please ask our servers about vegetarian and vegan options

Toothsome Treats

Dark Side Brownies

Join the dark side, we have dark rich brownies with whipped cream and caramel



House forged brownie with whipped cream, vanilla ice cream and chocolate drizzle


Chell’s Cheesecake Parfait

Lovely layers of cheesecake, yoghurt, maple nut granola and raspberry


V’s Posset

This bright British lemon curd will liven up the evening


Artemis cookie

Are you hunting for wild flavors of ginger and molasses


The Chill of Mordred  

Cool off with ice cream between two sweet Artemis cookies


We’ve also got a wide array of delicious cocktails and shots!

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