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March Calendar

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February Calendar

Our February calendar is out now! Follow us on Facebook for event details!


This December, all of our locations are raising funds for local food banks! When you check out at The Round Table, you can add any amount to your bill as a donation. All donations collected will be pooled, and at the end of December, we will use them to purchase food for local food banks.

As a restaurant, we are able to purchase food directly from a distributor at wholesale pricing. This means that your funds go that much further than if you spent them on food at a grocery store.

Escape from the cold, turn off those screens, get together with family and friends to play board games at The Round Table, and while you’re here, help us support those in need with a donation to your local food banks.

You can also donate online through our square account!


In 2016 when The Round Table officially opened its doors if someone told us it would become what it is today we’d be hesitant to believe them.  Now, three years later, our community has been loving and accepting, growing us into the incredible establishment we are today.  Our gratitude is beyond the stars and we just want to take a moment to sincerely THANK-YOU.

As some of you already know, we’ve expanded our services from a small café into to a craft beer hub with some unique touches on food, coffee and cocktails. Our communities in Magic the Gathering, youth chess and bridge clubs, scotch tastings, artisan series, trivia  teams, escape rooms and painters of canvas and mini’s make our place feel like a semi-nerdy “Cheers” tavern, notwithstanding our amazing Sunday LARP and role-playing game families. 

We keep growing…

The past six months have been a crazy journey, discussing future growth plans with new ‘family’ members near and far. It’s time we let you know what’s going on with The Round Table as a brand and as an entity. As previously announced, another location is being built in a distant community in the Baltic’s.  The City of Tallinn in Estonia will house the first international expansion for The Round Table.  With an expected pop up in the next 6-8 weeks, we’re more than excited to see how the communities of the Baltic’s and Europe accept our brand. The Round Table Tallinn is both unique and extremely exciting for us and we can’t wait to show our Canadian communities what it will look like!

Before we can share those new memories with you though, we have a few other incredible ‘additions’ to the family.  A few new knights at The Round Table.  

On March 1st, the restaurant known as The Watchtower, located on Lester Street in Waterloo, Ontario will join the bannerette of our family becoming an official extension of the Round Table brand.  Their prominent team is eager to share all that is Round Table’s experience with their clientele and we couldn’t be happier to have them as part of our family.  If you haven’t been to The Watchtower yet, try to get in and check it out so you can see the before and after images while we stone the walls, grow the iconic tree and turn the place Arthurian!

That’s not all, on April 1st, we’re expanding the kingdom once more, this time with Settlement Coffee Roasters on Victoria and King Streets in Kitchener. Our families will unite and the Round Table brand will have another new knight at the table. Our third official location will bring you all the things you love most about Round Table plus so much more!  Our own coffee line and our own beer line!   Settlement is a leader in the coffee and tea industry with several locations around the tri-city area. They will be a remarkable family member indeed!

Over the month of March, we’ll be building out each establishment, matching the atmosphere you’ve come to love at Round Table Guelph.  Each location will have an iconic Round Table mosaic, a stone tree, an Arthurian artifact unique to each location, our distinctive stone walls and of course all the fun things you’ve come to enjoy over the years such as our D20 shot list, delicious milkshakes and cocktails, selected food favourites and of course more board games than you can possibly play!  In addition, each location will have a “Local Focus” on their menu, providing a unique twist on food and drink culture within each Round Table’s respective communities.

Oh there’s more…

With the growth of our family, we’ll be providing a new and exciting founder series.  Special membership guilds! Soon you’ll be able to sign up to be part of one of our four guilds.  Each guild is unique in appearance and feel, however, they all grant you the same bonuses and rewards which you can use for discounts and deals at any of our existing and future Round Table locations.  If you’re a previous Legacy member, don’t worry, your ring still applies and even stacks!

Our new memberships will be available sometime in March when we launch the marketing campaign full force and announce how you can get involved. Word on the street is a new shiny, hand-crafted dagger to be placed on our membership walls. You’ll get all kinds of perks such as exclusive member events, variable discounts at certain times on select items, secret menus and insider knowledge of the future plans of Round Table!

This is a LOT to take in. We will have new and exciting announcements all month long in March!  We hope to hear from you as we transition.  Come see us in Guelph and ask us anything you’d like!  We’re here for you, our community and it’s because of you this kind of growth is possible.  

Thank-you allies of the Round Table.  We raise our glass to honor you!

We’ll be implementing more of this brand over the month of March as we launch a new website, new signage, new menus and everything in between! We’ll also be releasing information on how you can build your own Round Table with us in your community!   

Oh and check out our new logo!   Hope you like it?