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The Round Table has a great group of creative leaders and managers that work weekly to bring you the very best in game, food and drink culture experiences. Our qualified team is accessible and ready to answer any questions you have about our establishment.

So who ARE the Round Table?

Tommy Gofton – Owner

Aron Murch

Aron Murch – Owner

Dereck Pyke Manager

Dereck Pyke – Manager

Tommy is a born and raised Guelphite. From pre-school to University (Go Gryphons!), all the way to getting married at the River Run Centre and having 3 wonderful girls that were born at the same hospital he was.
Tommy spent half a decade in film before designing his first board game. It was late 2014 when he decided it was time to build The Round Table. Being part of both, the board game and film industries, Tommy combined them to create Guelph’s first and most unique venue for board games, drinks, food and fun! His obsession with King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table can be very much seen in the décor (done by old film set designer friends).
Tommy is a producer at heart and a passionate entrepreneur being the initiator and one of the creative masterminds behind The Round Table as well as Afterlife, the video game lounge and bar on Wyndham Street, The Khronos Gauntlet Escape Rooms on Cork Street, The Royal Garrison Axe and Archery Range which neighbours The Round Table on Essex Street and finally, the yearly comic-con geek celebration GenreCon.
When not in town, Tommy spends his time in Estonia with family or traveling the world attending comic-con style shows as a guest or participant, telling the tales of his film adventures and working with his Lynnvander family in board game development!
When in town and not being an entrepreneur, Tommy can be found working with The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital’s Black Tie Bingo committee raising money for his community hospital.
Tommy is nothing without his teammates, partners and allies, growing only with them each step of the way and having a wonderful time all the while.
Aron, is one of our owners and our print and web marketing specialist. He focuses on creating high quality written and visual material for daily use and marketing. If you’ve read our menu or any of our many Intro articles or Spotlight articles then you’re already familiar with his work.
Aron is an avid gamer of both the board and video variety. He is a board game developer for Lynnvander Studios, the company behind Albion’s Legacy, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Board Game.He spends several weeks each summer, traveling around the world, promoting their games at various conventions across the United States and in Europe. When he’s here at home, he frequently enjoys playing Super Smash Bros over at his sister owned location, Afterlife, where he spends most of his time working as the general manager. When he finds time to make it out to our Magic the Gathering Modern nights, Aron enjoys turning cards sideways with his Affinity deck, and his Abzan deck.
Before joining our team, Aron worked full time as an importer, web developer, and graphic designer. For more than a decade, Aron has worked professionally creating print and web ads for many different types of companies, developing his skills in WordPress, Photoshop, InDesign, and more.
Aron is excited to be a key member of our team, and a part of our growing company. He’s been a member of our team since our first year of business, and he can’t wait to see how much the Round Table can grow in the coming years.
Dereck is the General Manager and Quartermaster at the Round Table. He brings with him twelve years of experience in kitchen work and restaurant management. Dereck was born and raised in British Columbia, but found himself in Guelph where he discovered the thriving gaming community located here. It was his love of games and gaming that drew him to the Round Table. His favourite games tend to be strategy based and include Magic the Gathering, Smash Up, and Arkham Horror.
For Magic the Gathering, Dereck considers himself an “old school” player, originally starting with sixth edition. His favourite decks include his mono green squirrel deck, his blue-black clone deck, and his recent return to cheerios. He also enjoys tabletop gaming – Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder are his favourite systems.
If you can not find him working at the Round Table, you can usually find him playing his favourite video games at Afterlife Video Game Lounge with his favourite drink. When it comes to video games, Dereck enjoys role playing games such as Mass Effect, Skyrim, Dragon Age, and Fallout. Gaming has always been a large part of Dereck’s life – previous to living in Guelph, he met his wife at a Vampire: The Masquerade larp in Peterborough while working at a cyber café.
Dereck is proud to be a part of the team at the Round Table, and is excited to be able to combine his love of gaming with his wealth of knowledge in the restaurant industry in this new endeavour.