Spotlight On: The Khronos Gauntlet

After months of careful preparation, and tweaks to their time machine, our partners over at the Khronos Gauntlet are finally able to start taking reservations. With the evil khronomancer, Trahlyle, threatening to cause the timeflow continuum itself to unravel, the Khronos Gauntlet’s fictional time-travel agency, the KhronoSphere is recruiting new Temporal Vanguards to chase Trahlyle through time and uncover his plot. To join in the fight, and save all of existence, book your experience with the Khronos Gauntlet today!

What is the Khronos Gauntlet? The Khronos Gauntlet is a deeply immersive and story driven series of real-life room escapes located in the heart of downtown Guelph. Centered on a fictional time-travel agency, the KhronoSphere, the Khronos Gauntlet takes teams of players in a blast through time to experience different eras and locations including a medieval dungeon, a wizard’s tower, and a post-apocalyptic research laboratory. More than simply puzzles and locked doors, their series of room escapes draws you into stories with fully developed sets, props and fixtures, like you might see in a Hollywood film. Feel the damp, dank tombs of The Dungeon complete with stone walls, wooden stockades, and torture devices. Enter the ethereal world of The Wizards Tower where wonders of nature and spellbinding elements await. Everything combines to make you feel like you’ve traveled to darker times and wondrous places where you will need to rely on your problem solving skills and your team to escape!


At The Round Table, our focus is on providing you with a new gaming experience, and we’d be remiss not to point you to the Khronos Gauntlet for a gaming experience like no other. If you’re looking for a full day of entertainment, book an experience with the Khronos Gauntlet, and see how many of Trahlyle’s secrets you can uncover. Then, when you’ve escaped the gauntlet, head to The Round Table to celebrate with premium cocktails and our awesome selection of board games!