Spotlight On: Summer Magic Sets

Here at the Round Table, our Magic the Gathering Community is constantly growing. Since we’re recognized as a core store by Wizards of the Coast, we’ve already introduced you to Friday Night Magic. Now in preparation for the upcoming Eternal Masters pre-release we’re highlighting Magic the Gathering summer sets. Every summer, Wizards of the Coast releases a special set of Magic the Gathering outside of standard. These summer sets typically include staples for specific formats or their own types of cards with cool interactions. This year is an anomaly in that 3 important summer sets are being released: Eternal Masters, Conspiracy: Take the Crown, and From the Vault: Lore. A few of our favourite summer sets from over the years include:

Modern Masters and Modern Masters 2015 were boxes of 24 packs instead of the standard 36, designed specifically to provide enough packs for 8 person drafts. These packs included modern staples like Tarmogoyf, Cryptic Command, Vendillion Clique, and Dark Confidant, and make great buys for anyone fishing to flesh out their modern collection. Tarmogoyf in particular is the set’s chase card reselling at nearly $200.00. We keep a supply of Modern Masters booster packs on hand (original and 2015) and they’re popular packs to splash in our weekly chaos drafts.
The various “From the Vault” sets aren’t random booster packs like the other sets you typically see and aren’t pre-constructed decks like the dual decks and commander decks. Instead they’re sets of specific cards revolving around a central theme. Each set contains 15 foil cards (with the exception of From the Vault: Twenty), sometimes with alternate artwork. Probably the most notable From the Vault set to date is From the Vault: Exiled. This set included Berserk, one of the many cards in Wizards of the Coast’s Reserved List – their list of cards that will never be reprinted. The upcoming From the Vault: Lore is heavily anticipated and surrounded by rumors. One popular speculation is that the set will include various planeswalkers given their significance to the ongoing lore of Magic the Gathering.

Conspiracy and the upcoming Conspiracy: Take the Crown are multiplayer focused draft sets with special cards that change how the game is played. The “conspiracies” included in the sets have effects ranging from adding new booster packs to the draft to allowing cards chosen in secret at the beginning of the game to be played for less mana or tap for mana once they’re in play. These sets also include various voting cards such as Council’s Judgement that cause all of the players at the table to vote for specific effects. Conspiracy is a must play draft set, and we run Conspiracy drafts whenever we want to mix things up.

We’ll be ordering each of the upcoming summer sets so look forward to tons of awesome draft events at The Round Table. Including our “Masters Draft” in which we’ll be drafting Modern Masters, Modern Masters 2015, and Eternal Masters in the same booster draft tournament. If the standard format is more your style, come out to Friday Night Magic where we’ve been drafting Shadows over Innistrad, the latest standard set released.


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