Spotlight On: Specialty Cocktails

With our grand opening behind us and our license from the AGCO in hand, we’ve opened our bar services, and are offering a variety of specialty cocktails with fun nerdy themes. We’ve got a great selection of spirits and liqueurs, and we’ve put together a menu referencing everything from classic legends to vintage video games. A few favourite drinks from our menu include:


The Sour in the Stone is our take on a classic whiskey sour made with Bourbon, Amaretto, sweet & sour mix, and egg whites, and garnished with a lemon slice – He who pulls the sour from the stone shall be king. This Arthurian themed cocktail is the perfect thematic pairing for our Knight’s Rations, and is a go to drink that has stood the test of time – with the addition of Amaretto for a sweeter flavour profile.


The Hylian’s Brew is a mix of Vodka, Chambord, and sweet & sour mix, topped with ginger ale – Hyrule’s drink of choice is a secret to everyone! This sweet and fruity cocktail is a perfect thematic pairing for the 8 Bit, our welsh rarebit served on an acrylic sheet over a pair of actual Nintendo cartridges. The Chambord and sweet & sour mix really give this drink a refreshing flavour.


The Lanky Kong is a creamy mix of Creme de Banane, Butterscotch Schnapps, and Rum Chata – He has no style, he has no grace, this drink has an amazing taste. This exceptionally smooth banana flavoured cocktail is served over an ice ball, and is perfect for someone looking for a sweet drink. Order it with the planet of the grapes, our banana parfait when you want to get down to some serious Monkey business.


The Perfect Pendragon is a mix of Hendricks Gin and Saint Germaine – The once and future drink. This drink takes the idea of a Gin and tonic and adds an elderflower liqueur instead of tonic. The juniper flavour of the Gin and the elderflower flavour of the Saint Germain combine to create a light drink that’s smoother than a Gin and tonic. Another perfect thematic pairing for our Knight’s Rations, this drink is said to be a favourite of the team behind Albion’s Legacy.

These are just a few of the specialty cocktails that we’ve got on offer so make sure to visit us at The Round Table and try our full menu. While you’re here, ask us about out $6.00 shots, and about our premium drinks, including aged scotches and wines.