Spotlight On: New Specialty Cocktails!

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We’re well into our first year of operation, and we’re growing steadily, constantly adding new programming, and gearing up to add new items to our menu! In the spirit of continuing to grow, we’ve recently added some awesome new specialty cocktails to our beverage menu, and introduced a selection of boozy milkshakes! Read on for some highlights from our new list of drinks!

We’ve created some really delicious new cocktails that have a completely different flavour profile than anything else on our menu. The Heart of Ice, named for the Batman the Animated Series episode that defined Mr. Freeze as a sympathetic villain, consists of Hpnotiq, and White Rum, served in a highball, and topped with cream soda. This subtly sweet drink with a faint blue colour is light and refreshing, making it a perfect summer drink. The Estus, on the other hand, is a bright, powerful citrus blast, consisting of Amaretto and Goldschlager, topped with orange juice. If you’re a seasoned Darksouls player, you won’t want to be caught without your Estus. Like the Heart of Ice, this is another refreshing drink that’s perfect for summer.

Heart of Ice

Speaking of summer, this is the perfect time to cool down with one of our new boozy milkshakes. The Bomberman, made with Amaretto, Kahlua, Baileys, fresh milk, and 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream is seriously the bom, and the Weapon X, made with Maple Crown Royal, real Maple Syrup, fresh milk, and vanilla ice cream is a super Canadian milk shake that is made with enough Maple Crown Royal to give it a serious kick, at least for a milkshake.

Whether you’re after one of these fresh new drinks, or just want to enjoy one of our classics, make a point of visiting us at The Round Table, playing some great games, like Cards Against Humanity, or Exploding Kittens, and enjoy everything that makes us a new gaming experience.