Spotlight On: Legacy of Mana Kickstarter

We’ve already introduced you to our epic scale Pathfinder campaign set in the Legacy of Mana campaign setting – created by our owner, Thomas Gofton. Now we’re excited to say that the campaign guide has been picked up for publishing by Norse Foundry, the same company that provides our metal and stone dice, as their first foray into role-playing supplement publishing.

The setting book is on Kickstarter now, and is nearly 50 percent funded at the time of writing (less than half a day into the campaign). If you’re participating in our epic scale Pathfinder campaign, we highly recommend backing the project to receive at least the digital version of the new book. If you’re not participating in our campaign but you’re a big role-playing game enthusiast, check it out anyways! This is a totally unique setting that introduces classes and races that will shake up your campaigns and create a totally fresh feeling experience.