Spotlight On: Legacy of Mana Epic Campaign

We’re gearing up for an epic Dungeons and Dragons campaign set in the Legacy of Mana universe. We’ll most likely be using the Pathfinder system to run the game, and we’ll be taking up to 20 players through a grand adventure on a massive scale.  If you’re familiar with Dungeons and Dragons, and other role-playing games, you’ll already understand the basic concept of a Dungeon Master orchestrating a story for the remaining players to participate in. For this campaign, we’ve built a team of 4 Dungeon masters that will simultaneously take 4 different groups of players through overlapping adventures that will create one overarching story.

The Legacy of Mana universe was created by Thomas Gofton, the owner of The Round Table, and Lynnvander Studios, and totally flips the power balance of classic fantasy realms on its head. In this universe, no magic is safe from the evil Iltherian Knights who destroy mana and drain the life from mages with their Virdium blades – evil swords that thirst for mana, and mentally force their wielders to hunt down strong sources of mana. Legacy of Mana includes both role-playing supplements and a novel. This campaign revolves around four unlikely groups of heroes, all striving for different goals that will ultimately determine the fate of the world.


We’re still some time off from launching this campaign, so there’s still time to sign up. We’ll be launching the campaign in August, and are limiting the player base to 20 players divided into 5 player groups. Over the course of the campaign, there will be opportunities for different groups to meet up in the same in-game locations, and even for players to move between groups. If you’re interested in participating in the campaign, email for more information, and to let us know that you want to play!

We’ll release more updates closer to the start of the campaign, so stay tuned for more information, and if you want the insider explanation of what’s coming up, stop by the round table and talk to any of our staff. We’ll be happy to offer you a specialty cocktail and a delicious snack, and answer any of your questions. If Thomas is here, which he usually is, he can tell you himself about how excited he is for this campaign!