Spotlight On: Holiday Parties


The holidays are right around the corner, and it’s time to start booking parties for families and businesses. Here at the Round Table, we’re already planning ahead for the holiday season, and we’re excited to host your holiday event. We’ll be a little over a year old, this holiday season, and we’re better equipped than ever to welcome you in out of the cold. We’re expanding our menu well before the holidays, with heartier warm food, including crispy paninis, and piping hot pizzas made with specialty ingredients like prosciutto, and sundried tomatoes. We’ve also recently upgraded our cappuccino machine so that we can make better lattes and espressos than ever. We use only Monigrams’ premium coffee beans so all of our coffee has a rich full taste. We’ll also have warm holiday classics on offer, like hot cocoa, and raspberry hot chocolate. Our food and drink selections are the perfect way to warm up when you visit us at the Round Table, but we’re offering more than just a meal; we’re offering access to our library of over 350 games. If you’re planning an event for family or for your business, come to the Round Table, and turn it into a fun team-building exercise with our selection of competitive or cooperative games. We believe that the holidays are about togetherness and fun, so what better way to celebrate the holidays than by bringing people together to play some classic board games.

To book your holiday party at the Round Table, or for any other enquiries, email, or come visit us at 32 Essex Street.