Spotlight On: Food Services

At the Round Table, we’ve created a totally new gaming experience with custom gaming tables, castle walls, a sword in the stone, and a library of over 200 games. Our grand opening will be announced soon, and, as we ramp up in preparation, we’re happy to say that our executive chef has prepared a variety of exquisite appetizers for you to enjoy while you game. All of our menu options are made in-house, and are made to be healthy and affordable. To really experience our menu, you’ll have to come visit us and try the food for yourself, but this article will introduce you to 2 of the menu options that we’ve specially prepared


For a savoury feast to fill you up, order a serving of the Knight’s Rations. This fine charcuterie plate consists of a variety of cured meats and aged cheeses, served with fresh grapes, pickled mustard seeds, house-made jam, and a fresh baked bun, all on a stone slab. Pick away at your rations as you game, enjoying a variety of flavours, or make a sandwich that combines all of your rations into a quick meal. This is the perfect mid-game feast for a long adventure game like Albion’s Legacy, or a lengthy Dungeons & Dragons session.

When you’ve finished your meal, sip one of our specialty espresso drinks, and enjoy one of our themed desserts. If you’re a caramel lover then you need to try the Final Flantasy, a delicious crème caramel, sprinkled with chocolate crumbs. This subtly sweet, dessert is covered in a caramel espresso sauce, and served with a small handful of fresh berries for an enriched flavour profile. This light dessert is the perfect accompaniment to an elegantly simple game like Tzaar or Splendor.

These are just 2 of the awesome menu items that we are now serving at The Round Table. We’ve got a variety of savoury snack items ranging from Shredder’s kettled cooked nachos to Gambit’s Cajun popcorn grits. We’ve also got dessert options ranging from the Planet of the Grapes, a banana parfait, covered in grapes, to our chocolate Browncoat Brownies, served with Chantilly cream and fresh berries. We’ll be doing more spotlight articles on our awesome menu items in the future but the best way to find out about or menu items is to visit us at The Round Table, and try them for yourself!