Spotlight On: Conspiracy 2


We’ve previously introduced you to Friday Night Magic, and Summer Magic Sets, and now, we’re very excited to talk about the latest summer set, Conspiracy: Take the Crown. We’ve been drafting this set like crazy since its release, and it’s lead to some intense games of magic, and some exciting draft pulls. If you’re looking for some of the most fun drafting in Magic, definitely come out on Friday night, when we’ll be running even more Conspiracy: Take the Crown drafts, and we’ll be offering 5% off all sealed Magic the Gathering products.

This set introduces a few awesome new mechanics, including a “Monarch” mechanic, which seems like the natural evolution of the “Dethrone” mechanic. Cards like Dack’s Duplicate in the original Conspiracy rewarded players for attacking the player with the most life, thematically rewarding them for attacking whoever sat on the throne. In Conspiracy: Take the Crown, the “Monarch” mechanic makes this concept more literal, rewarding players with card draw each turn for maintaining their status as the Monarch. Whenever a player successfully attacks the current Monarch, they become the new Monarch, so the power balance is constantly changing. Cards like Knight of the Black Rose mix things up even more by giving players more ways to become the Monarch and more benefits for being the Monarch. Another awesome mechanic introduced in the set is the “Goad” mechanic, which forces creatures to attack players other than you. The utility of this effect is very powerful. Cards like Grenzo, Havoc Raiser serve double duty, letting you protect yourself from your opponent’s creatures, and force them to make potentially unfavorable attacks.

On top of the cool new cards added in the set, Conspiracy: Take the Crown brings back some absolute Modern format staples. Inquisition of Kozilek, for example, can see play in any deck that plays black, and competes with Thoughtseize for card slots in Jund. Serum Visions, getting its first re-print is huge for anyone who wants to build Blue Moon or Storm. Another awesome reprint is Birds of Paradise, which sees play in Kiki Chord.

All in all, this set has tons of potential value for the low cost of packs. It’s a great set to play with, and as long as we’ve still got the supply, we’re going to keep drafting it. Make sure to come play it with us at Friday Night Magic at the Round Table!

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