Spotlight On:­­ Friday Night Magic


Through our weekly booster draft tournaments, and Thursday night Commander nights, we’ve built a strong Magic the Gathering community that just keep growing. At this point, our community has grown enough that we’re recognized by Wizards of the Coast, and are eligible to run official events. That means Friday Night Magic is a go at The Round Table, with official prize support from Wizards of the Coast! On top of that, we’re spicing things up with participation prizes, and special prizing!

Friday Night Magic is a weekly social gathering of Magic the Gathering fans, organized by Wizards of the Coast and hosted at gaming stores all over. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or are an experienced player; Friday Night Magic is for everyone! If you place in the tournament, you’ll receive special promo cards distributed specifically for Friday Night Magic, and your choice of booster packs from any set of Magic Cards in the Standard Format. Even if you’re not at the level where you think you can win a tournament, there are some great ways to get new cards at Friday Night Magic. We’re holding booster draft tournaments and giving extra participation packs to all players. Sometimes, we run special events instead, like this past Friday when we ran an original Innistrad booster draft for $25.00. If buying booster packs is your jam, we’re also offering 10 percent off all sealed Magic the Gathering products every Friday night.

Friday Night Magic is the best time to play magic and the best time to buy booster packs at The Round Table, but if you can’t make it out on Friday, don’t fret! We also run Modern format tournaments every Tuesday, and 2 different booster draft tournaments every Sunday! Whenever you decide to come visit, we’re looking forward to welcoming you to The Round Table.


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