New Sibling!

There’s a NEW SIBLING coming to the family. First came The Round Table – A New Gaming Experience in 2016, followed by Afterlife Video Game Lounge in 2017 and now…. the third of our family shall be born this September! Introducing our newest family member… A breakfast establishment which will be hosted at the wonderful location of 105 Wyndham Street N., (Soon to be the former West End Bakery). This establishment will have…. WAFFLES..… and late in the evening, extremely magical cocktails as a late night cocktail bar!

Round Table is a taste for Camelot with a nice medieval twist where Afterlife is basically Zelda’s Hylian e-sports summer home so this new place MUST be something magical… say… wizard-like? Maybe…inspired from a small theme of Harry Potter and maybe anything magical or wizard-like.

So we asked for your help here at our Facebook page and got HUNDREDS of responses… We were overwhelmed by the awesomeness that is our community.  There are a lot that we cannot use though because of copyright laws, and well, we just don’t want that! That being said… we’ve decided to short list our favorite posted ones as well as a couple that were given to us in person here at the café from our patrons!

Below are the finalists! (Don’t worry, we know who made the suggestions and who will win if the name is chosen)

Which name(s) below would you name your Harry Potter/Magic Wizard inspired breakfast parlor and evening cocktail lounge?

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