Intro To: Trivia Night

Here at the Round Table, we like to get involved in the gaming, and get the whole cafe playing together. With that goal in mind, we’ve started running weekly trivia nights every Wednesday. Our trivia nights are free to participate in, except for our normal cover fee, and the winning team receives a gift coin that they can use to help pay for their snacks or cover fee, or can keep to put towards a larger purchase like a board game later on. Our trivia night is run by Cameron, our retail manager, and he’s put together a list of questions covering all kinds of topics from super nerdy historical questions about Dungeons and Dragons to general knowledge questions and sports questions.

Trivia starts at 9:00pm, and runs until about 10:00pm. There are 2 rounds of questions, with a few minutes between each one for you to discuss the answer with your group. At the end of each round, the answers are revealed, and the current scores are calculated. If your group gets the most answers right (or mostly right) of any of the groups, you win! Some example questions from our last trivia night include, “How many types of magnetism are there?” and “What were the original 3 Dungeons and Dragons classes?”.

Whether you’re just looking for something to do on a Wednseday night, or you really want to participate in something that gets a big group involved, trivia night at the Round Table is a perfect outing, so come out and visit us, get your geek on, and enjoy our specialty cocktails, and delicious snacks. As Cameron says, “We’re asking the difficult questions… and some easy ones.” So come out, and test your knowledge, and see how many questions you can answer without getting stumped.