Intro To: More Good Cooperative Games

We’ve already introduced you to a handful of good cooperative games that you can find in our growing collection, and we’re so excited by how many more good cooperative games there are these days that we’re introducing you to a few more. What’s great about cooperative games is that they let you work together to overcome an obstacle instead of encouraging you to compete with your friends. Whether you’re looking for a game to play with friends, or a game to help you work together with your family or coworkers, you definitely need to check out these cooperative games:


Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island is a fully cooperative game for 1 to 4 players that can be played in 90 to 180 minutes. In this lengthy adventure game, players act as shipwreck survivors that must work together to build shelter, find food, and stave off wild beasts and harsh weather. All of this occurs while the players draw event cards that announce the discovery of pirate treasure, cursed temples and more! This heavily thematic game draws from the novels of Jules Verne and Daniel Defoe. If you’re a lover of classic books or just a lover of cooperative adventures, this is the game for you.


Space Alert is a fully cooperative game for 1 to 5 players that can be played in 30 minutes. In this hectic timed space survival game, players take on the roles of a space ship’s crew desperately trying to defend the ship against ongoing threats with incomplete information and imperfect communication. This very fast-paced coop game uses audio files that act as the game’s timer and reveal important information as the game progresses. If you really want to test your ability to work with your friends under pressure then this is the game for you.


Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game is a semi-cooperative game for 2 to 5 players that can be played in 45 to 210 minutes, and was one of our February staff picks. In this psychological survival game, players work as a team while also trying to achieve secret personal objectives. This game involves significant bluffing and challenges both your motive sensing skills and your adaptability. Sometimes everyone wins as a team, other times some or none of the players will win. If you’re looking for an intense gaming experience that will leave you questioning your friends’ every word then this is the game for you.


Elder Sign is a cooperative game for 1 to 8 players that can be played in 90 minutes and is one of our recommended games for 4 players. In this fast-paced dice game, players race against time to collect the clues hidden throughout a museum that is filling with ancient horrors. Players must work together and use their dice carefully to fend off the return of the Ancient One. This game is a great Arkham Horror alternative for anyone looking for a faster gaming experience.

These are a few more of our favourite cooperative games but there are tons more great cooperative games in our collection. Next time you visit the Round Table, ask us about our cooperative games, and we’ll help you find the right game for you to play while you enjoy one of our specialty cocktails. If competitive games are more your style, check out our recommended trivia games or battle games. Whatever you decide to play, we’re looking forward to your next visit to the Round Table.