Intro To: Good Games for 4 Players

With 4 players, you’ve got tons of options for great board games! In fact, this is probably the best group size for board gaming in general since most games can be played with 4 players, and many games are best played with 4 players. While many of our Intro articles focus on helping you to find good games for player groups with limited options, this article is intended to help you narrow down your game choices. With that in mind, here are a few of our favourite 4 player games:


Lords of Waterdeep is a competitive game for 2 to 5 players that can be played in 60 to 120 minutes. In this worker placement game, set in the Forgotten Realms, players act as the secret rulers of the city, recruiting adventurers, earning rewards and expanding their influence. You can hinder or help your friends by playing Intrigue cards, and you can use your friends’ buildings to advance your plans and give your friends points in the process. This complex euro-game has a great theme, sharing a setting with Dungeons & Dragons, and is perfect for any group looking for a lengthy strategic experience.

Five Tribes is a competitive game for 1 to 4 players that can be played in 40 to 80 minutes. This revere worker placement game begins with the workers already in place, and it’s up to the players to cleverly maneuver them to increase their score. This game is easy to learn but has great depth of strategy, with many different ways to score points. If you enjoy lengthy, strategic euro games but you’re looking for something with a very different twist, this is a great game to try.


Galaxy Trucker is a competitive game for 2 to 4 players that can be played in 60 minutes. This wacky space travel game consists of 2 phases in which players building their spaceships in real time, and attempt to travel across the galaxy respectively. You can score points for making money, selling cargo, and having the most intact ship. This fun, fast-paced, space travel game is great for any group looking for a high-energy game with a lighter feel.

Elder Sign is a cooperative game for 1 to 8 players that can be played in 90 minutes. In this fast-paced dice game, players act as investigators in a museum, racing against time, collecting clues, and attempting to stop the return of the Ancient One. This fast paced game, set in the same universe as Arkham Horror is a great alternative for people who love the theme of the popular horror game but don’t want to commit to a 120 to 240 minute play time.


These are some of our favourite 4 player games but there are tons more great 4 player games in our collection. For more options, check out our latest staff picks, or our intro to good cooperative games. Next time you and a group of friends visit The Round Table, you should definitely order one of our specialty virgin drinks and check out some of these games!