escape rooms Guelph

For reservations to one of our escape rooms please use the reservation system below. If you wish to reserve in our tavern space please reserve HERE.

We have three rooms! The first two can be played as a group or as two groups competing!

Our fees are $25/person.  Stay for a bite and a drink before or after and we’ll bring the cost down to $22/person.  The Penitent One Shall Pass is a solo escape room and is $15/person with a special clause below.

Nottingham’s Guard Quarters

A challenging attempt to break into your OWN treasury! Robin Hood’s allies have broken into your keep and are RIGHT next to you in the treasury. They’ve found a way to lock you into your own quarters and you MUST get out and capture the rogues before they escape with Nottingham’s plans to overthrow King Richard!

Players: 2-5
Time: 45 mins
Challenge Rating: Moderate
Challenges: Intelligence

escape room guards quarters

Quickly, stop Robin and his thieves!

The Treasury

You’re part of Robin Hood’s merry allies and you’ve broken into Nottingham’s most northern post where they keep all the loot they steal from the villagers around you. What’s worse, you’ve heard that there’s plans from Prince John and Nottingham themselves attempting to overthrow your King whilst he is away at the Crusades! You’ve managed to seal in the foolish guards, but you know they will break out eventually… Hurry!

Players: 2-5
Time: 45 mins
Challenge Rating: Moderate – Difficult
Challenges: Intelligence and Dexterity

escape room treasury

The Treasury! Full of jewels and secrets – beware!

The Penitent One Shall Pass

You are the chosen one. You MUST find the Holy Grail before it is lost forever. The problem is…. Now you’ve entered and you cannot leave until you have chosen. But choose wisely….

Players: 1
Time: 15 mins
Challenge Rating: Difficult
Challenges: Intelligence. Dexterity and Wisdom

Special: If you come in with a group of 6 or more and everyone runs the gauntlet, the player with the BEST time of your group doesn’t have to pay! 

escape room guelph holy grail

Find your way to the Holy Grail but choose wisely…