2 Player Games

Last week, we introduced you to some great solo games. This week, as we’ve done once before, we’re introducing you to some great 2 player games. Next time you decide to make The Round Table your date night, check out some of these awesome games:

Pixel Tactics is a competitive game for 2 players that can be played in 30 minutes. In this head-to-head tactical combat game, each player picks a leader from their deck of 25 cards, and then you take turns, placing and activating cards, and attacking. Use combinations of offensive powers, support powers, and immediate effects to overwhelm your opponent! Play the best 3 out of 5 rounds to determine the winner of this simple card game. Since the decks are static and identical, no deck-building is required! Just jump in and play – it’s all about strategy!

BANG! The Duel is a competitive game for 2 players that can be played in 30 minutes. In this 2 player version of BANG!, players each control a team of either lawmen or outlaws. Chose more characters for a longer game, or choose fewer characters to wrap things up quickly. In any case, player start with 2 characters in play, and each has a deck of action cards. Eliminate your opponent’s characters to win the game! When either player has run out of characters, the game is over. This town ain’t big enough for the both of you! If you’re thinking about pistols at dawn, give this game a try. It’s basically the same experience but a lot less bloody!

Patchwork is a competitive game for 2 players that can be played in 15 to 30 minutes. In this token-laying game, you compete to collect as many buttons as possible, and fill as much of your game board as possible. The game is played by spending buttons to purchase patches. Certain patches also grant bonus buttons over time, and every action moves your time token forward. If your time token moves past your opponent’s time token, it’s their turn to play. When a time token reaches the end of the time track, points are calculated and a winner is determined! Manage your resources carefully, and show your opponent that you can make the better quilt! If you’re looking for a simple game with great depth of strategy, this is the game to try!

Onitama is a competitive game for 2 players that can be played in 10 to 30 minutes. In this light, chess-like game, players cycle through 5 cards, with each player controlling 2 cards at any given time. The cards determine how each player’s set of 5 pawns can move, and the goal of the game is to either take your opponent’s main pawn, or move your own main pawn to their main pawn’s starting location. With limited movement options, outwitting your opponent can be a challenge, and this strategic game is fun to play over and over! Test your mental fortitude with this simple, highly strategic game!

After you’ve tried some of these awesome 2 player games, bring some more friends and try some of our favourite 4 player games! Or for some of the oldest 2 player games out there, check out some great ancient games. No matter what you decide to play, we’re looking forward to your next visit to The Round Table!





Anniversary Week

October 28th, two years ago we opened our doors to the public for the first time… It was scary and it was quite the adventure ahead… but together, with you Guelph and the entire community you helped us not only survive, but thrive!

This Saturday, the 28th, marks our 2nd year anniversary and from 6:00pm – 12:00 Midnight, we’re here to show you our appreciation. Each table will receive a complementary bowl of popcorn to commemorate the days when all we HAD to give was popcorn.

In addition, on all food and drink bills, you will get to roll a D20 at check out. What you roll is what % you get off your food and drink. (Does not apply to merchandise).
Members of our guild (ring bearers and sword bearers) get ‘Advantage’ on their roll. That means you get to roll twice and keep the better roll of the two! 😉

Reserve your table now! We’ve already got a few tables reserved for that day!

Here’s a little trip down memory lane! We’re going to start by showing you never before seen pictures of what this place looked like before the magic of Camelot arrived!

Here’s a pic of our bar the day we opened, and then again 1 year later. Today our bar is filled even more with a fully stocked scotch cabinet, bourbons, liqueurs and wines! Come sample some?

Kilgarrah: Our Dragon Patron is sculpted by a distant friend Brian Colin in Georgia! He drove the dragon up to Guelph and installed him on our wall where he remains today… watching all the excitement and amazing fellowship everyone has shared over the last two years.

The first 4 coins! We’ve now sold / given out over 300 coins to our regulars and more! These coins are great for gifts (ahem…. Christmas IS coming…) and this is one of our special and unique offerings here at the Round Table. Ask us more about our Legacy Guild Rings and Guild Swords which offer discounts and more!

April of 2016 we received our liquor license just after our food permits! And this is what we’ve done since!

December of 2016 we became proud siblings to Afterlife Video Game Lounge our second location in Guelph! Afterlife is the modern video game younger sibling! It’s having it’s 1 year anniversary in December so please come celebrate with us then!

Fall of 2016 our custom D20’s arrived and our special shot menu was in full force!

March 2016…. we started serving FOOD!! (Some of these items don’t exist anymore… sadly, but we have some new items that are even more amazing!) The popcorn stopped shortly after…. but we’re bringing it back for the weekend on Saturday starting 6pm! A free bowl per table!

The evolution of Narnia into Sherwood’s Forest! Our retail section grew several times through out the last two years! We have a new partner that works with us now, The Trading Post, our Magic the Gathering outlet!

And now…. we move toward something even more exciting and fun! Halloween evening we’re opening up a section of the cafe to Escape Room experiences! Welcome to Sherwood Forest and the fort of Nottingham!

Don’t forget to reserve your table with us soon!