Intro To: Wizard Games

Wizard Board Games

In our recent spotlight article, we introduced you to our newest sibling, a wizardry inspired breakfast lounge. With all the spell-slinging going on as we ramp up to the launch of our new Location, we’re in a super wizardy mood, and so we’ve chosen 4 awesome wizard-themed games to introduce you to:

Dungeons & Dragons: Rock Paper Wizard is a competitive game for 3 to 6 players that can be played in 30 minutes. In this game of “second guessing” and “agonizing reversals” players act as wizards that have just slain a dragon and must now compete with each other to see who can claim the most gold. Players cast spells by simultaneously gesturing at each other in classic rock, paper, scissors fashion. Each gesture relates to a specific Dungeon’s and Dragons spell, and moves the wizards closer or farther from the treasure, or otherwise affects the game state. The winner of the game is the first player to collect 25 gold pieces. If you’re looking for a fast-paced, simple game that’s deceptively fun, give this game a try!

The Magic Labyrinth is a competitive game for 2 to 4 players that can be played in 15 minutes, and is one of our recommended family games. In this skill based memory game, the little magician apprentices have lost some important magic items inside their masters maze, and you have to help them recover their magic objects. The walls of the maze are below the game board, hidden from the players, and each little magician is magnetically connected to a metal ball that you must guide through the unseen maze. If the ball hits a wall, it drops and you are forced to start over. The only way through the maze is good memory and a little trial and error. This simple, cleverly constructed game is great for kids. If you’re looking for an awesome wizard themed game to play with younger children, give this game a shot!

Mage Wars Arena is a competitive game for 2 players that can be played in 90 minutes. In this tactical board game, 2 players pit mages of fully customizable disciplines against each other, slinging spells, summoning creatures, and dismantling each other’s strategies. The game is played in a small arena and combines elements of miniature war gaming and card gaming to create an in-depth heavy tactical experience. Featuring everything from illusionists and warlocks to beastmasters and priestesses, there’s a ton of content here to sink your teeth into. If you’re looking for a fun game that you can spend hours at, don’t miss this awesome experience.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle is a cooperative game for 2 to 4 players that can be played in 30 to 60 minutes. In this strategic deck-building game, players act as Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville, and work together to save Hogwarts from the forces of evil. Each player has their own deck that they customize over the course of the game, collecting magic items, iconic spells, and powerful allies. Work together to defeat iconic villains and practitioners of Dark Arts. This game is a must play for any Harry Potter fan.

We’re sure our wizard obsession won’t be out of our system any time soon, and if you’re anything like us, these great wizard themed games are just the fix you’ll need to get you by until Lumos opens up. So don’t wait! Put on your robe and wizard hat, jump on your broomstick, and fly on over to The Round Table to play some of these great games! Still looking for something different? Check out some of our favorite video game themed board games, or some of our favorite games based on cartoons and anime.


Bluffing Board Games

In our last Intro article, we suggested some great video game themed board games! This week, we’re focusing on a core game mechanic instead of a broader theme, and introducing you to some awesome bluffing games! Practice lying to your friends with these awesome games of subterfuge:

Sheriff: of Nottingham is a competitive game for 3 to 5 players that can be played in 60 minutes. In this game of shady merchants smuggling goods into Nottingham, players spend most of the game acting as merchants passing sealed bags of goods into the city (pouches of cards). However, each turn, one player acts as the Sheriff, who decides if each player’s goods should be allowed into the city. You can put any combination of goods into your pouch, and it’s up to you to convince the sheriff that they are what you claim. As the sheriff, you have to judge carefully which players are telling the truth and which players are bluffing. If you guess correctly, you can even confiscate elicit goods for yourself! If you’re looking for a fun bluffing game with clever mechanics and nice production value, check this one out!

Coup is a competitive game for 2 to 6 players that can be played in 15 minutes. In this game of assassination, extortion, and trickery, each player has 2 face-down character cards representing their influence over the city. Your goal is to be the last remaining player, and your face-down characters’ abilities will let you assassinate your opponents’ characters, gain extra coins, or protect your own characters. What makes the game interesting is that you are encouraged to lie about which characters you have to gain access to useful abilities. If you get caught lying, you lose a character! If you get falsely accused of lying, your opponent loses a character! Gather as much information as you can and choose your lines of play carefully! If you’re looking for a fast-paced, intense bluffing game with simple mechanics that will make you want to play over and over, then definitely give this one a try!

The Resistance: Avalon is a competitive game for 5 to 10 players that can be played in 30 minutes. In this Arthurian themed bluffing game, the future of Britain is in Arthur’s hands. However, Mordred’s traitors work in secret to tear down the true king! Of all Arthur’s allies, only the riddling wizard Merlin knows the identities of the traitors, but he must protect his identity at all costs! This fantastical bluffing game encapsulates the strife of King Arthur’s court in a fast-paced package. If you want to play a nice looking, clever bluffing game with a great theme, then set fourth to Camelot and get ready to play!

Secret Hitler is a team-competitive game for 5 to 10 players that can be played in 45 minutes. In this dramatic bluffing game, players are divided into teams of fascists and liberals with one player secretly taking on the role of Hitler. The liberal team wins the game if they manage to pass 5 liberal laws, or assassinate Hitler. The fascist team wins if they are able to pass 6 fascist laws, or are able to pass 3 fascist laws, and elect Hitler chancellor. At the start of the game, the liberal team doesn’t know who the fascists are, so it’s up to the fascists and Hitler to work together to pass fascist laws without revealing their identities to the liberal team! If you’re looking for a political bluffing game that’s great for large groups, pull this game off the shelf!

There you have it, 4 excellent bluffing games that you can play next time you visit us at The Round Table! If you’re looking for something totally different, check out some of our awesome cartoon and anime games, or jump into some of our favorite cooperative games! Check back soon for more great game suggestions! We’ve got lots more Intro articles coming up!