The Round Table Board Game Café and Tavern is Guelph’s first establishment to bring you drinks, food, board games, and fellowship all under one roof. We pride ourselves on our establishment’s atmosphere and décor, our board game selection, and, of course, our cocktail menu, our sweet and savory food selections, and, of course, our milk shakes and coffee choices.

So, how does the Round Table work?

First, gather your friends, family, or colleagues and come on down to 32 Essex Street. It’s a good idea to call in or make a reservation online at /reservations, especially on our busiest days of the week or during our popular scheduled programming.

Once you’re here, we’ll show you around, seat you comfortably, and give you a run down on our cocktail and food specials. Most board game establishments have a cover fee, or as we call it here, ‘table time’, in order to play their games. We’re no different, except we want to get rid of that pesky fee as quickly as possible. The best way to do that is to explore our menu. Grab a refreshment or two, something to eat, or some combination. As long as you spend $10 or more on ANYTHING here, you don’t pay table time.

It’s as simple as that!

We make it even easier for you. You don’t pay table time during our weekday lunch hour or when you’re participating in any paid programming including Scotch, Beer, and Wine Tastings; Miniature Painting and Board Game Development Nights; RPG and LARP Sundays; Magic the Gathering tournaments and leagues; or hot ticket items like our Murder Mysteries!

Even better, we’ll never hit you with table time twice in a day. If you come for early dinner with a colleague and then for a latte dinner with that someone special, you’re free and clear! Just remember to reserve your table more than once, as our reservation system blocks only two-hour periods. For example, if you wish to make a reservation for 6pm, for 6 people, the reservation system blocks out a 6-person table for you from 6pm until 8pm. If you wish to stay longer, just make another reservation at 8pm for another two hours. Then you can relax, grab one of our gourmet lattes, maybe some of our killer sweets like our in-house cheesecake, specially made cupcakes or cookies, or the ever-popular DARK SIDE BROWNIES!

We differentiate ourselves from other cafés or restaurants in how we handle our table service. We’re part café, part tavern, and part food establishment so we can serve you in a variety of ways. Even better, you can make the call whether our servers come to you. They can take you through our Local draught beers list, our specials, and our menu as well as our game library to help you make all the choices that will make you happy. If you’re more gung-ho, You can come up to the bar, hang out with us and learn about everything Round Table!  Make an order there and we’ll bring it to your table!

The Round Table is the perfect place for all kinds of special events including;

  • Birthday Parties
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette parties
  • Galas and Fundraiser events
  • Reunions and Family gatherings, and
  • Company functions including Team building exercises and holiday outings

We can even cater for you!

Contact: or call 519 265 1345 for more details!

Thin Graphic Bardream

In 1995 the dream of a place to gather, play games, eat, drink and be merry became a reality for a young 15 year old boy who’s first real job was to manage a board game store named ‘The Gamekeeper’.  For two years the store thrived and became a central home for game enthusiasts all over town.  It was an atmosphere of creativity, acceptance, story and fun.  In 1997 the store closed down, its owners needing to move operations away from Guelph, leaving a gaping hole in the ‘home’ that was.  The boy sat in the empty store space for one entire night wishing he had the ability to bring it all back.

In the early spring of 2015 the dream of a place to gather, play games, eat, drink and be merry re-surfaced the mind of the boy, now a man. This time with ability, industry knowledge, creative dream and confidence to make it all happen the way he wished he could before.  In October of 2015 The Round Table soft-launched and opened for business and in April of 2016 the establishment opened for business with a full kitchen and bar.

The Round Table is now a home for all that wish to engage in social gaming, creativity, food, friendship and fun.  Our Chef has prepared a wonderful menu for all to partake in regardless of dietary choice and our creative staff is training to be able to bring the dream of 1995 back into reality.  The establishment may not be ‘The Gamekeeper’ by name but its spirit lives on.

We invite you now to Camelot for a few hours of nomadic geek culture, a bite, a drink and a game or two.

Welcome to the Round Table!

Reserve your table HERE!