Thin Graphic Bardream

In 1995 the dream of a place to gather, play games, eat, drink and be merry became a reality for a young 15 year old boy who’s first real job was to manage a board game store named ‘The Gamekeeper’.  For two years the store thrived and became a central home for game enthusiasts all over town.  It was an atmosphere of creativity, acceptance, story and fun.  In 1997 the store closed down, its owners needing to move operations away from Guelph, leaving a gaping hole in the ‘home’ that was.  The boy sat in the empty store space for one entire night wishing he had the ability to bring it all back.

In the early spring of 2015 the dream of a place to gather, play games, eat, drink and be merry re-surfaced the mind of the boy, now a man. This time with ability, industry knowledge, creative dream and confidence to make it all happen the way he wished he could before.  In October of 2015 The Round Table soft-launched and opened for business and in April of 2016 the establishment opened for business with a full kitchen and bar.

The Round Table is now a home for all that wish to engage in social gaming, creativity, food, friendship and fun.  Our Chef has prepared a wonderful menu for all to partake in regardless of dietary choice and our creative staff is training to be able to bring the dream of 1995 back into reality.  The establishment may not be ‘The Gamekeeper’ by name but its spirit lives on.

We invite you now to Camelot for a few hours of nomadic geek culture, a bite, a drink and a game or two.

Welcome to the Round Table!

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